Episode 5: Frank Teixeira, CMT, CFA


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Partner, Portfolio Manager, and Director of Technical Research at Wellington Management for over 20 years, Frank Teixeira brings his unmatched insight to addressing what it takes to navigate institutional pools of capital through multiple market cycles. Episode #5 of Fill the Gap delivers a first-hand account of the often-opaque world of professional money management.

Exploring the difference between the emotional “pain management” that many investors practice, and a repeatable process of risk management, Frank shares personal successes and challenges that are at times surprising, but always refreshingly candid and instructive . Without the theoretical jargon of cognitive behavior or trading psychology, listeners will hear the visceral account of how we as investors learn lessons – good or bad – from every experience in the markets. “Be aware of what lesson you are learning” advises Frank, and remove words like “regret” from the lexicon.

For veteran asset managers who have the passion to continue refining their process, or anyone considering a career in finance, this episode of Fill the Gap provides essential insight into the discipline of trend-following and momentum investing.
This podcast features several charts which reflect Frank’s work, referenced in the course of conversation. To better understand the concepts covered, we recommend you download the supplemental chart resources using this link: go.cmtassociation.org/ftge5

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