Denis Villeneuve Films - Prisoners vs Blade Runner 2049


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This week on the podcast as the highly anticipated sci fi epic Dune finally hits cinemas in the UK and state side, we will be picking our favourite films from its director, Denis Villeneuve.
Warning we will be talking SPOILERS.
Boaz's pick for this week is one of Villeneuve less talked about films which I think is fair to say, Prisoners. On this one we talk about again the intense brilliance of Hugh Jackman. We talk about how interesting the two protagonists arcs go in opposite directions two each other emotionally. IMDB page
Martins pick this week is its first sci fi epic, Blade Runner 2049. We talk about the incredible visuals and just how massive this feels. We talk about the amazing confidence in pacing this film achieves. And Boaz is obsesses about a character that might surprise you. IMDB page
As ever please enjoy

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