#824: Top 5 '70s Movie Moms / Wrath of Man / News From Home (7 From '76)


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Sandwiched between the '60s sexual revolution and the reactionary conservatism of the '80s, the '70s was an anxious decade, and as that anxiety played out on movie screens, it did not spare mothers. This week, Adam and Josh–sons of '70s moms themselves–share their TOP 5 '70s MOVIE MOMS and continue the 7 From '76—Best Year Ever series with Chantal Akerman's NEWS FROM HOME. Plus, Josh's thoughts on the new WRATH OF MAN, starring Jason Statham, and ABOUT ENDLESSNESS from Swedish auteur Roy Andersson ("Songs From The Second Floor").

0:00 - Billboard

1:27 - Top 5: '70s Movie Moms

31:51 - Next Week

36:49 - Josh reviews "Wrath of Man," "About Endlessness"

46:07 - Olympia Dukakis / Notes / Massacre Theatre

57:49 - 7 From '76: "News From Home"

1:15:01 - Top 5: '70s Movie Moms, cont.

1:38:54 - Outro

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