Garry Disher's Peace


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Great Conversations features interviews with authors and writers, exploring books, writing and literary culture from Australia and the world.
Today's episode features Garry Disher discussing his new novel Peace.
Paul Hirschhausen is the cop in Tiverton; a small town in farming country south of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia. He’s only been there a year, but in the lead up to Christmas he wants what all cops want over the silly season, a little peace. Of course there’s some petty crime like a ute driving through the front door of the pub, but otherwise, so far, so peaceful. Then on his rounds one morning Hirsch encounters a distressed horse and follows it home to find a horrific scene.
As the investigation begins a mysterious call comes through from Sydney and Hirsch has to do a routine welfare check on a family outside of town. A family no one seems to know existed…

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