Ep 198: How The Creator Of The 4 Percent Rule Applied It For His Clients And His Own Retirement with Bill Bengen


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Bill Bengen is the former owner of Bengen Financial Services, an independent RIA based out of Southern California that oversaw nearly $50 million of assets under management for 80 affluent retirees. That’s not all Bill is known for though—in fact, he is the father of the “4% rule” and the safe withdrawal rate research, which was published in a series of studies in the Journal of Financial Planning and put into practice with his own clients.

Listen in as Bill describes how he first developed his 4% safe withdrawal rate research, how he started this research to get away from the rules of thumb that were popular at the time, and how, ironically, his research became a rule of thumb itself. He’ll also share why he actually used a withdrawal rate of 4.5% with his own clients, why a safe withdrawal rate today could be as high as 5%, and why he ultimately made the decision to retire and sell his firm.

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