Burning Platforms and Innovations in Consumer and B2B Payments


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The buzz: Payments. As the daily drumbeat of the news spotlights retail credit card breaches and other payment problems, it’s clear that the payment industry is ripe for change. Innovations like Square, Google Wallet, and ApplePay are attempting to disrupt the consumer payments market. And B2B payments, notoriously stuck in the past, are also seeing game-changing progress. The experts speak. Gloria Colgan, Market Platform Dynamics: “Rome wasn't built in a day.” (French circa 1190, English circa 1538) Matt Johanson, Discover Network: “Innovation is not a new topic. What’s different now: the key areas have reached tipping points creating an environment in which truly innovative solutions can start to become reality.” Drew Hofler, SAP: “The most recent US innovation that fundamentally changed the way payments are made between businesses, and the one that still accounts for only about 40% of those payments, was introduced the same year as the Betamax video tape!” They will be joined by Matt Johanson, Discover Network. Join us for a thought leadership roundtable on Burning Platforms and Innovations in Consumer and B2B Payments.

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