CFO-Led Revolution: Integrated Business Planning


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The buzz: Change With budgeting and forecasting silos popping up across business, your CFO and Office of Finance have a more important role than ever before: moving from basic support cost center to a proactive revenue driver and business partner. Their goal should now be to lead the organization forward with real-time interpretation of data to help navigate today’s and tomorrow’s competitive business climate. Change happens over time. The best results are achieved when it’s intentional. The experts speak. Greg Wright, VantagePoint Business Solutions: “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere” (Albert Einstein). Ingmar Christiaens, EY: “Knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand...Imagination embraces…all there ever will be to know and understand” (Albert Einstein). Floyd Conrad, SAP: “It is far better to foresee even without certainty than not to foresee at all” (Henri Poincare). Join us for CFO-Led Revolution: Integrated Business Planning.

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