How To Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half


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Some tips and apps to quickly and easily save on food.

- We just paid off our $18,000 kitchen remodel (Brian, Minnesota)

- Should my 23-year-old be investing (Paula)

- How to help my brother who is bad with finances get on a budget (Mason, Omaha, NE)

- Should I use extra money from my side gig for debt payments or to use on my car (Darcie)

- What do we do when we sit down to work on our budget (Sky, Houston, TX)

- How do you publish a book (Psy)

- What amount of money should we tithe now that we are out of debt (Carter)

- How do I rebalance my 401(k) (Arthur, Tuscon, AZ)

- Watch out for PayPal not sending you alerts.

- How much money can you save between a community college and state university

- Did you know you are in the 1%?

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