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When you get clear on what you want, it’s easier to disconnect from what you don’t. - How to research a good used car (Liza) - I've lost momentum on my debt-free journey (Amber, Facebook) - What brand of children's shoes last a long time (Corey) - How to diversify outside of retirement accounts (Gandolf) - How much money would be good to open a savings account for a 7-year old (Cassandra) - Watch out for extra costs when buying a condo. - You called it right on Helium (Allison) - Tax efficiency of ETFs vs. index funds (Tom, Florida) - What is a good balance of stocks and bonds if you have a pension (Harriet, Washington D.C.) - Should we stop saving for retirement to save up for a house (Hannah, Connecticut) - Are there regulations on who can be a financial planner (Stuart)

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