This Mistake Could Cost You 40% Of Your Wealth


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Not only do have to put your money in the right stuff, it has to be in the right place too, and spent at the right time. - How to budget on an irregular income (Zoe, Toledo, OH) - Are secured credit cards good to rebuild credit (Sophia, Florida) - My husband is investing with a margin account and I'm worried about what could happen (Chloe) - I met with a financial advisor that's pushing commission based investments. What should I look out for (Erin, Plano, TX) - How can my 18-year-old build her credit score (Charlotte) - Warning for travel hackers on getting points from new credit cards (Logan, Australia) - How to rebalance a 401(k) if you have company stock in it (Arthur, Tuscon, AZ) - Should you tithe on gross income or your take home paycheck (Carter) - Remember to shop for insurance, even if you have an escrow account (Dustin) - Ways to appear wealthy even without being wealthy.

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