Finding Your Tribe during Divorce, and Why it Matters


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Elise Pettus is the founder and Editorial Director of, an online community for NYC women navigating separation and divorce. UNtied hosts online panels each month featuring experts who provide assistance and resources to make the divorce process as smooth as possible and help members become their best selves. Elise joins Stacy Francis to talk about how women can relaunch their lives post-divorce and feel their best during the process. She shares her personal journey to find happiness and fun.

  • When going through a divorce, it’s better to let the grief for your lost relationship run its course. You can’t skip it or run around it; trying to suppress or ignore your grief will only force it to become deeper and eventually so unmanageable that it will explode in your face.
  • UNtied is a community of women who have experienced divorce. The purpose of the community is to provide a safe space for women to talk to other women who intimately understand their circumstances and can provide practical and emotional assistance.
  • Having a community of people who accept, support, and encourage you is important, and even more so during a divorce. Separation is not easy, but it becomes easier to navigate when you have a team.
  • Many women often forget that taking care of their mental health is critical and do not prioritize themselves. Self-care should be seen as a medical necessity; even something as simple as going for a massage is a good activity to indulge in.


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