Juggling Divorce, Parenting, and Other Responsibilities


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Andrea Boulanger, a university administrator, is the breadwinner of her family and describes herself as ‘happily divorced.’ She joins Stacy Francis to discuss her journey, from her marriage to deciding to get divorced and life after divorce. She shares how she was able to move forward despite having so many responsibilities, including being the caretaker for her son with autism.

  • Studies have shown that women who are breadwinners are often doing just as much work at home, and even sometimes more. The bigger the income disparity between her and her partner, the more she does.
  • Mothers often decide not to leave or get divorced because they worry how it will affect their children; they don’t want their kids to have to go through the difficulties of seeing their parents separate and all the changes that come with it.
  • Gathering all the information you can about the divorce process can help you build confidence in your decision and make you feel at ease. Too many unknowns can be overwhelming.
  • When getting divorced, you should carefully consider if staying in your home is the right financial decision to make. Rather than clinging to the sentimental value, you must go over whether you can safely afford to keep your home or whether it would be wiser to move.


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