Navigating Conflict in your Marriage


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Rich Heller is a conflict coach and trained mediator, with a master’s degree in social work and a certificate in coaching, who works with couples struggling to manage conflict. Whether a couple has decided to separate or divorce, Rich’s goal is to help minimize the friction, so the couple can maximize the support they give to their children.

  • Rich talks about how, during difficulties in your marriage, children are taking in everything you say about, and how you treat, your spouse – and that the children’s needs and feelings should come first.
  • Rich and Stacy discuss how and when you can use the services of a mediator to help with challenges in your marriage, and how they can help you negotiate your options for moving forward together or separately, all while staying true to your principles and values.
  • Rich expands on how you can “divorce-proof” your children - communicating with them honestly, helping them develop resilience and grit, and encouraging them to have good relationships with both of their parents, even when there is conflict and negativity.


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