Preparing for Divorce the Smart Way: Collecting Financials and Communicating Carefully


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Jaime Weiss is an expert matrimonial attorney with Teitler & Teitler LLP in New York. She is well versed in litigation and is focused on helping her clients finish their cases quickly and efficiently. Having majored in Human Development and Family Studies as an undergrad, she brings to her law practice a deep understanding of the psychological drivers that guide how we make decisions, which helps her to discern her clients’ wants and needs and help them move to a happier place in their lives.

In her conversation with Stacy Francis in this week’s show, she will share how you can prepare financially for divorce, how you can make the best case for custody, and how you can prevent your information from inadvertently getting into your spouse’s hands.If you’re thinking about getting divorced, Jaime first asks you if you’ve exhausted every option. She feels that lawyers should not push people into a decision they’re not ready for. [6:35]Start arming yourself with the financial information you would need if you think a divorce is imminent. Get copies of records, your tax returns, your bank statements and credit cards. Ask yourself, What is my spending rate? What is my budget? How much income do I expect to earn after the divorce? Do I know what my spouse earns? What records can I get about that? [7:41]Be careful about what you say or write to your spouse. In custody matters your words may be used against you. The courts focus a lot these days on your ability to co-parent, so try to communicate with your spouse in a healthy way. Ask yourself, would I feel comfortable if this piece of communication were to come before a judge? [8:55]Stacy asks how women can get access to financial information that may be withheld by their spouse. Jaime describes four ways you can get the information you need:Look around the house for financial documents. You can request your tax returns from your accountant;Your lawyer can subpoena the documents;During the deposition, your lawyer can ask questions that may uncover financial information. [17:58]When a client is going through the divorce process, Stacy says it’s her job to make them as comfortable and as prepared as possible. She reminds them that she will be with them during the entire process. She also lets them know that when they get back their transcript after a deposition, they can correct any errors that they inadvertently made. This helps dampen any fear or anxiety they may feel about the process. [26:17]Stacy asks Jaime to share a story about a successful divorce case. [33:00]You need to be mindful of how you use technology when you're embarking on a divorce. Your spouse may be privy to your emails and texts if you're on the same iCloud account. [38:53]

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