Understanding Postnup Agreements & their Benefits


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Linda Rosenthal is a matrimonial lawyer and partner at McLaughlin & Stern. She joins Stacy Francis to chat about prenups and postnuptial (postnups) agreements, and how the latter may prove beneficial.

Here are a few highlights from their conversation:

  1. A prenup is a contract agreed upon by the involved parties before a marriage, in the event of separation, divorce, or death; a postnup is a contract agreed upon during a marriage.
  2. Postnups provide the advantage of making decisions during your marriage with more information about specific life events.
  3. You should discuss postnup agreements with your spouse before you make a big economic decision (like reducing your income, for example), in reliance on your spouse’s income.
  4. Linda believes that a marriage is an economic partnership and both parties should be aware of the rules that apply with regards to the law, so doing a prenup – or at least learning about the economic rules of marriage - should be mandatory before marriage.


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