When to Get Divorced and How to Prepare


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Katherine Miller is the Founder of Miller Law Group and Director in Training of the Center for Understanding and Conflict. She is the host of the radio show and podcast Divorce Dialogues, as well the author of The New Yorker's Guide to Collaborative Divorce and the co-author of the Amazon best-seller, A Cup of Coffee. She has been featured on CBS, NBC, The New York Times and Newsday Money Magazine. She joins Stacy Francis to discuss when to get a divorce and how to prepare for it.

  • Katherine believes it's important to be able to work through a divorce from a place of acceptance and personal serenity, but not necessarily forgiveness.
  • The way in which you perceive divorce may affect the way it affects you.
  • One of the first things someone should do when they decide to divorce is to get their finances in order.
  • Having emotional support is extremely helpful while going through a divorce.


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