An Insider’s Guide to Getting a Government Job, with Kirsten Wyatt


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If you’re looking to enter a career where you can serve others and work in a variety of positions, consider working in government. Even if you’ve never held a government position, you can land a fulfilling job with a few strategies. As with most jobs, networking is crucial when trying to land a government job. Find Your Dream Job guest Kirsten Wyatt says that while the application system for government positions can be outdated, you need to shift your focus to what government hiring managers need and outline how you can meet those needs.

About Our Guest:

Kirsten Wyatt ( is the co-founder and executive director of the Engaging Local Government Leaders network (ELGL) ( It’s a nonprofit that engages the brightest minds in local government. She works on behalf of ELGL members to connect, communicate, and educate about local government public service, and is also co-host of the GovLove podcast (, sharing informative and unique stories about the people, policies, and professions that make up local government.

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