How to Overcome Your Fears About Quitting Your Job, with Lynn Marie Morski


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There are many reasons why you might stay in a job you hate. You may be worried about what others will think or perhaps you feel that you’ve invested too much time in the position to walk away. Quitting can be good for your career, however. It can be one of the tools you use to carve out the career and life you want. Today’s guest on the Find Your Dream Job podcast, Lynn Marie Morski, says that quitting your job can improve not only your career, but also your health and your relationships. In order to quit well, you need to understand the difference between quitting and giving up. Lynn Marie tells us how to quit in a thoughtful, strategic way.

About Our Guest:

Lynn Marie Morski ( is a physician, attorney, and speaker. She’s also a lifelong quitter. Lynn Marie is on a mission to help people carve out a successful life through strategic quitting. And she’s the author of “Quitting by Design.

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