How to Respond to a Lowball Salary Offer, with Lisa Gates


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Employers have several main goals for their companies and one of those goals is saving money. There are several ways they do this but one of the most frustrating for job seekers is through lowball salary offers. This doesn’t mean they only have their interests in mind; they’re simply making a business decision. Find Your Dream Job guest Lisa Gates says that as a job seeker, you can be proactive by preparing for your interview, deciding ahead of time what your must-haves are, and taking the initiative to bring up salary early in the conversation. Lisa also tells us how doing your research ahead of time gives you the information you need to ask for the salary you want.

About Our Guest:

Lisa Gates ( is a negotiation and leadership coach and co-founder of She Negotiates. Lisa helps women close wage and leadership gaps. Drawing on her work as an actor and storyteller, Lisa helps you land the job, get that raise and promotion, and hit your goals out of the park.

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