Why Mindset Matters When You Pivot Careers, with Angela Yeh


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Your mindset not only affects how you see yourself, but it also affects how others see you. However, mindset is often confused with goals. Find Your Dream Job guest Angela Yeh explains that mindset is having a healthy awareness of your strengths, weaknesses, and what type of situations you thrive in. A healthy mindset about yourself, your career, and your abilities allows you to clearly identify what opportunities might be right for you. Angela also shares the importance of leaving behind limiting beliefs and adopting a growth mindset to successfully navigate a career pivot.

About Our Guest:

Angela Yeh (https://www.linkedin.com/in/angelaeyeh/) is the founder of two businesses: Yeh IDeology (https://www.yehideology.com/), a design recruitment firm, and Thrive by Design (http://www.thrivebydesign.today/), an executive coaching program. Through her work, Angela helps professionals navigate, curate, and sustain a successful path to accomplishing their goals.

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