#4 Bronwyn Lea on staying put


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In Episode 4, I sit down with Bronwyn Lea. Bronwyn Lea is originally from South Africa and brings a unique perspective to American listeners, not just on America, but on the way the places we live shape our lives. Bronwyn Lea is an author, speaker, activist, and most recently, editorial curator for Propel Sophia. She loves Jesus, puns, her home country of South Africa, her adopted country of the US, her endlessly patient husband, her three goofy kids, wisdom and justice, seeing women thrive in the Kingdom, and quality ice-cream (in no particular order). As a response to the interview, I simply invite you to pray. As you pray consider these questions from Bronwyn: Can you start by processing things with God in private? Tell God what I’m sad and mad about. Is this between just God and me? Do I need to speak out? Do I need to be quiet? Secondly, I'd love to hear if you took one small step towards being hospitable with your neighbors. Try something like a Trader Joe's Open House. Tell me all about it. As always we love when people subscribe and leave reviews on iTunes! When we get to 20, the first 20 reviews will get a free "Finding Holy" journal! (Screenshot it and send it to me at aahales AT gmail). Links: https://aahales.com/ Bronwyn's website: http://bronlea.com/ Twitter: @BronLeaTweets Propel Sophia: https://www.propelwomen.org/content/propel-sophia-landing-page/gk9bjk

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