#7 Hannah Anderson on having your feet in two worlds


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My guest today lives in rural Appalachia -- probably not a spot most of my listeners live in. The temptation could be to skip this episode because you don’t live in a rural spot. Maybe you live in the city or suburbs or a small town. But here’s the thing -- no matter where we live, we have to figure out how to live in that place well and there’s lots of crossovers between Appalachia and the suburbs. So listen in. My guest today on Episode 7 is Hannah Anderson. We talk about living as an outsider in a rural community, wisdom gained through discernment, her calling to her place and to her writing, and her new book, All That’s Good: Recovering the Lost Art of Discernment. Hannah lives with her pastor husband and three children in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She’s the author of Made for More, Humble Roots, and All that’s Good. In addition to writing and speaking, she also hosts The Persuasion Podcast with Erin Straza for Christ and Pop Culture Stick around: You’ll find some gold nuggets to encourage you to stay rooted in your place -- whether you’re in the country, city, or suburbs. And at the end, you’ll have your one small step to help take all the things that matter into your ordinary, holy, life. Hannah provided us some wonderful questions to help us in the ways of discernment: --How would what I share (online) affect my real-life relationships? --What is the point of correcting? Would it build the community? --What would I say to this person if this person was in my kitchen? Proximitiy checks our tendencies. A SMALL STEPThis week remember to lighten up. Humor disarms. Try a family dance party to get out of your own head or using a self-deprecating joke. It’ll allow you to begin to empathize instead of using truth as a weapon. LINKS Hannah’s website: https://www.sometimesalight.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/sometimesalight Persuasion Podcast: https://persuasionpodcast.buzz/ Link to purchase Made for More: https://amzn.to/2QMwArB Link to purchase Humble Roots: https://amzn.to/2rtISa3 Link to purchase All that’s Good: https://amzn.to/2QINKpZ SHARE Discernment simply means developing a taste for what’s good. --@sometimesalight on #FindingHolyPodcast How does discernment equip us to navigate a broken, complicated world with confidence and joy? -- @sometimesalight #FindingHolyPodcast Hannah Anderson talks about rural, working class Appalachia, the mistakes she’s made and how she’s practicing discernment on #FindingHolyPodcast: “The nature of truth is communal.” Listen in to @sometimesalight on #FindingHolyPodcast: A GIFT FOR YOU Share an episode of The Finding Holy Podcast online and review it on iTunes. Then take a screenshot and send it to me at findingholypodcast@gmail.com. I’ll send you your very own Finding Holy journal! Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/finding-holy/message

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