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It’s 2019! Welcome back to The Finding Holy Podcast, where we connect the dots between the things that matter and your everyday, holy life.

Before we kick off season 2, we’re going to have a three-week interlude. During these three weeks, I sit down with my husband and pastor, Bryce Hales, and we host a little suburban boot camp. It’s short. It’s sweet and it will give you some concrete action to take.

This first session we talk about the allure of convenience and how consumerism has infiltrated the church.

Listen in for a short episode with a lot of laughter, one small step, and how to begin to think about our lives less as consumers and more as lovers of our places and our churches.


Plan and cook a meal. This will slow your body down and get you into the moment. The process of planning and cooking helps us give rather than receive, or seeing ourselves as consumers.

Our favorite soup recipe can be found at aahales.com/Podcast.

Let us know how it goes!


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“When we view church as event rather than as family we are poorer for it.” #findingholypodcast

“The Bible commends faithfulness and perseverance far more than we do.” #findingholypodcast

“How we talk — “I have to” is really “I don’t want to.” Start noticing.” #findingholypodcast

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