Dave Asprey on Biohacking: Upgrade Yourself, Upgrade Humanity


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This week’s conversation is with Dave Asprey, an entrepreneur & tech innovator, four-time New York Times bestselling author, award-winning podcast host, and pioneer of the Biohacking movement.

For those of you who have listened for a while, you know I’ve had issues with the term “hacking” – and at the same time, I’m fascinated by folks who create and disrupt. Having devoted decades of his life to elevating human performance and creating significant brands like Bulletproof and Upgrade Labs, I wanted to dig beneath the surface to better understand Dave, the human.

In this conversation, we not only cover his insights about performance and longevity, but also how he’s disrupted an industry, what “biohacking” means to him, and what’s behind his quest to live to 180 years old.

We go to some opinionated places -- it's always fun to hear from different perspectives – and as with any episode, I encourage you to listen with an open mind, and make informed decisions that are best for you.


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