Episode #137: Emotional Intelligence – How to Use Your Imagination for Good


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We humans have an amazing capacity to imagine a future and then create it. How often does our imagination run amok? Imagining the worst-case scenario. One that’s hardly likely to happen. Is there a way to channel that creative imagination for good? Yes. That’s what we’re talking about on this episode.

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Rhythm of Life – Door or Doormat?
Feature Segment – Emotional Intelligence: Use Your Imagination for Good

Today’s Quote

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. -Michelangelo

Rhythm of Life – Door or Doormat?

In an online forum about creativity, some of us had a discussion about generosity. The premise was that if you share your creative work from a place of generosity, you don’t attach so much expectation to it. It won’t be as scary.

Your creative work can be a door for someone who engages with it. It can open a door to their heart. A new way of thinking. Maybe even a new life.

And…you can be a doormat.

Listen to the episode to hear about the key difference between a creative door and doormat.


Give and Take – Adam Grant
Boundaries – Henry Cloud

Feature Segment: Emotional Intelligence – Use Your Imagination For Good

You know how in Episode 136 we talked about grief – that we’re experiencing shared grief right now, even if our experience isn’t the same? We talked about comparative suffering, and how not to fall into that trap? And then I promised to share some strategies for living while you’re experiencing grief? Today’s the first of those episodes.

We humans are amazing. We can imagine a future – that’s dangerous, scary, fun, or exciting. And not only that: we’re able to create it for ourselves. Unfortunately, we often spend that imagination on the worst-case scenario. Whether we’re conscious of it or not.

Because of the coronavirus, we’re on heightened alert. Stress response kicking in big time. And that includes imagining all kinds of disaster. Not only that, but the media is adding fuel to that fire.

“The virus will come back in the fall, and be worse than ever.” –Do they know that for sure?
“It will take years for the economy to come back.” –Again, how do they know that?

In one way, this pandemic is already the worst-case scenario. And here’s the thing: when actually faced with our worst nightmare becoming reality, we’re better able to face it than we imagine we will.

How can we focus our imagination on an amazing future, instead of a living hell? How can we develop emotional intelligence in this situation?

  1. Practice being present. See, feel, touch, taste, hear. Right here and now.
  2. Channel your imagination by following your curiosity and asking questions.
  3. Do what only you can do.

Listen to the episode for specific strategies for focusing your imagination.


Artisan Podcast Series

Nothing’s the same as it was. Things won’t be the same later either. It will take new practices and habits to carry you forward into the unknown new world. A world that only exists in your imagination right now. Why not turn it into one you want to live in? Something amazing. Leave a comment if you'd like to share what you'd like to create with your imagination.

Your fertile imagination can picture a positive future or worst-case scenario. Why not choose to…
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