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For the first episode of 2021, Fire and Water Records, goes sullen, sultry, bluesy, baroque, feisty, furious, plaintive, playful, aching, and alienating. Ryan Daly and Sean Ross discuss the sometimes heartbreaking and sometimes hilarious songs of Fiona Apple, drawing their favorite tracks from her five album discography released over the last 24 years. Can you handle this much angst? No, you can't! Track list
  1. "Criminal" from TIDAL
  2. "Shadowboxer" from TIDAL
  3. "Never is a Promise" from TIDAL
  4. "The Way Things Are" from WHEN THE PAWN...
  5. "Love Ridden" from WHEN THE PAWN...
  6. "I Know" from WHEN THE PAWN...
  7. "Paper Bag" from WHEN THE PAWN...
  8. "Better Version of Me" from EXTRAORDINARY MACHINE
  9. "Tymps (The Sick in the Head Song)" from EXTRAORDINARY MACHINE
  10. "Parting Gift" from EXTRAORDINARY MACHINE
  11. "Extraordinary Machine" from EXTRAORDINARY MACHINE
  12. "Werewolf" from THE IDLER WHEEL...
  13. "Fetch the Bolt-Cutters" from FETCH THE BOLT-CUTTERS
  14. "Under the Table" from FETCH THE BOLT-CUTTERS
  15. "Shameika" from FETCH THE BOLT-CUTTERS
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