39.2 Shapeshifters: "The Sacrifice of Frowzy"


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Horribly noisy and disrespectful neighbors are not an uncommon plight of city life. One beleaguered couple finds that the answer to their ongoing headache just so happens to be lying around in their very cluttered apartment.
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"The Sacrifice of Frowzy" was recorded live at The Slipper Room in NYC on October 21st, 2018\. It was part of our 5th podcast season premiere performance, **Shapeshifters**!
Kacie Laforest as Becky Broccoli
James Rieser as Carmichael
Alain Laforest as Buddy the Super
Eirik Davey-Gislason as Officer Bright
Michael Pate as Les
Ali Silva as Lesley
David Linton as Kankata
Mary Murphy as Frowzy
"Dark Moon" by Ned Miller
Performed by Karen Tennison accompanied by Nico Sleator
Radio play by Silbin Sandovar
Directed by Holly Payne-Strange
Musical score improvised by Nico Sleator
Sound Effects Designer and Engineer: Greg Russ
Technical Director at The Slipper Room: Johnny Goddard
Production Assistant: Louis Paulino
Additional support thanks to Heather Donohue
Theme music by Jason Graves
Post-production audio & podcast production by Ali Silva
Produced by Gustavo Rodriguez & Ali Silva for Fireside Mystery Productions
Copyright 2018 Fireside Mystery Productions
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