Episode 52 - Freddy Freundlich


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Freddy Freundlich is a colourful character. He trained as a nurse and was ordained as a rabbi, but he is first and foremost a salesman. He’s the author of two books, Born on the Right Side of the Tracks and The One-Call Close. And he’s a straight talker, as you’ll hear for yourself when you listen to his Fireside Chat with Richard.

His advice to wannabe speakers and salespeople is simple. Great public speaking and sales are all about great conversation. Find one person in your audience and deliver your talk to them. That’s how you make a connection with your audience. Freddy also shows you how to add sizzle to your steak – in other words, it’s not enough just to have a quality product. You’ve got be able to tell people about it too.

You’ll find out more about Freddy on his Rabbi Freddy website. Or you can just email freddy@rabbifreddy.com and he’ll be delighted to answer your questions.

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