#41 - Period Drama w/ Kristine Gerolaga


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This episode of First of All is all about the sacred, frustrating, empowering, and still widely underdiscussed experience that 50% of the world's population experiences (usually) for more than half their lifespan - the female period. Minji invites her friend and acting school classmate Kristine Gerolaga to talk about a topic that has just started to lose it's taboo stigma that can now (hopefully) be discussed openly and in mixed company. Together they walk through their journeys as women learning, experiencing, and embracing their periods, excruciating PMS and all. They go in depth on the shame surrounding this common and universal female experience and the ways compassion and empathy can help women deal with some obnoxious and painful realities each month. They also discuss that problematic nature of how media and widespread first world culture has downplayed or even ridiculed women's bodies and the dangerous toll it can take on EVERYONE. As an actress, writer, and filmmaker, Kristine has approached the experiences and emotions of women all over the world through her film Period Drama, which we hope you'll all take some time to watch! If you are a woman or if you have a mother, sister, cousin, coworker, colleague, or friend that has a uterus, this episode is for you. Time to share and learn, folks! Enjoy!

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