#42 - Glow Up Man w/ Tom Ngo


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Never judge a book by their cover, they say. Minji’s friend, fellow podcaster, & former party promoter Tom Ngo says otherwise. You just gotta make sure to be curious and open-minded about what’s actually between the covers. In this episode, Minji and Tom go down the rabbit hole of hustling, dating, partying, and all the misconceptions about those who seem to participate in all three at once. They chat about their own first impressions of one another, whether they were accurate or not, and how they’ve both grown to reconcile who they come off to be vs who they really are. Tom shares his insights on growing from a lost boy who was prone to social pressures to a grown man, confident professional, and a more responsible adult. If you’ve ever questioned how to outgrow your former self to move onward & upward, this episode is for you.

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