In Pursuit of Body Positivity with Regina Fang


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Body issues, amirite? Learning to find love or even a tolerable acceptance of your body as it is can be a lifelong challenge. In an age where we’re more openly talking about body positivity & self-love, HOW DOES ONE ACTUALLY LIVE IT IRL??? Asking for a friend. In this incredibly personal episode of FOA, Minji sits down with Regina Fang from Perfectly Imperfect Podcast to spill the tea on how they truly & honestly inhabit the skin they’re in. We’re talking about obsessive jealousy to low-key body dysmorphia, cultural shaming, & more. They discuss the consequences of old habits & strategic brain hacking & how they’ve made progress in the real honest to goodness self-love thing.

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Our theme song is "Yellow Ranger" by Awkwafina, this episode also features the song "Uzutrap" from our guest Uzuhan

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