Full Show (Benching Eli, Jalen Ramsey to the Chiefs?, Patriots O-line injuries, Dak Prescott)


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- Did the Giants wait too long to bench Eli Manning for Daniel Jones? (00:05)

- Would Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs win the AFC if they acquired All-Pro CB Jalen Ramsey? (11:54)

- Can Dak Prescott become the best QB in the NFL? (23:39)

- Will Cam Newton ever return to MVP form? (34:34)

- Eric Mangini joins to discuss the end of the Eli era in New York. (41:14)

- Will the injuries to the New England offensive line finally catch up to Tom Brady and the Patriots? (50:58)

- Has Eli Manning had a Hall of Fame career? (58:40)

- Eric Mangini returns to talk about Jalen Ramsey’s trade demands. (1:11:44)

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