Full Show (Clippers/Celtics, Zion Williamson, Big Ben, Tom Brady, Jameis Winston)


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-What does it say that Tatum outplayed Kawhi in the Clippers’ loss to the Celtics? (00:05)

-Is it surprising that success is coming so easy for Zion? (9:45)

-Is it true that Ben Roethlisberger isn’t “at the end of the road” like Eli and Rivers? (18:30)

-How good could Brady be with weapons like AJ Green and Hunter Henry? (25:19)

-What should Tampa Bay do with Jameis Winston? (33:14)

-What do you make of Doc saying that the Clippers need continuity in the 2nd half? (39:55)

-In Or Out? (48:46)

-Is Brady really Belichick’s best option to win? (53:42)

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