038 - These 10 Excuses Are Keeping You Fat; Here's How To Change It


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Over the past five years working specifically with dads, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with thousands of them and I’ve noticed quite a few trends when it comes to why some dads are fit and some dads aren’t.

And more than anything, I've heard excuse after excuse why you can't get fit and in today's show I'm going to share some of the most common ones; ones I've heard hundreds of times.

And while some may be legit reasons, most are not. And they're keeping you fat and unhealthy!

Here are the 10 most common excuses I've heard:

  1. Diet and eating healthy

No time to shop, prep, cook. It’s too time consuming. It’s too expensive to eat healthy. I don’t know what to eat.

  1. No time to workout

Make yourself a priority. If you don’t have time you're really saying it’s not that important. Maybe its not, that’s ok. But if you want change, it HAS to be.

  1. No energy

Our diets are horrible and our sleep is even worse.

  1. Hate the gym

Find exercise you do like. Forcing yourself to go to the gym if you hate it won't work long-term. There are plenty of ways around it.

  1. Staying motivated

This comes down to a few things. Your WHY, your habits, and your environment. If you hate your job, your marriage sucks and you’re beaten down all the time, yes you're going to struggle with motivation. Fix that sh*t first.

  1. Lack of progress and quitting

Most people don’t stick with a program or diet long enough to see results. We all want instant success and marketers make us believe that’s not only possible, but easy. It isn’t.

  1. Cutting crap from diet

We are fueled by sugar, caffeine and processed carbohydrates. We are addicted and constantly drawn to eating more and more. Plus we have virtually unlimited access to food.

  1. Weekend/binge eating

You’re doing well all week, eating chicken and broccoli, feeling good. Then the weekend comes and you let loose. Have a few beers, some chips and salsa and a dozen (or 3) hot wings and ranch. This leads stuffing a pizza in your mouth the next day and you’re like “fuck it” I’ve ruined it all, I might as well quit. NO NO NO. You are just one meal away from changing your health.

  1. Getting started

Start where you’re at not where you think you should be or what you want others to see. If you haven’t worked out in 15 years, hitting the p90x hard on day one is a bad f*cking idea.

  1. No support

This is huge and can mean the difference between success and failure. If you're in a relationship and your significant other isn’t supportive or even negative, you will always struggle. Find a support network whether it’s at work, a church group, or an online community like the Inner Circle.

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