061 - How To Find More Time In Your Day For Exercise


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The #1 response I get when I ask our community about why they aren't fit is a lack of time. It seems that so many of us dads don't think we have enough time to get everything on our to-do lists done, let alone carve out an hour to train every day.

I get it. But it's wrong.

We ALL have time to exercise. The busiest people on Earth have time or rather should I say "make" time. Gary Vaynerchuk, who is arguably one of the busiest men you'll ever come across, finds an hour every day to train. And if he can do it, you and I can too.

Today I share some ideas on how to "find" time each day to exercise because it's THAT important. If your priority isn't your health and fitness, then you should seriously revisit them.

Without our health, we have nothing. We can have the best careers, family life, and lifestyles, but if we're too sick to enjoy them, it doesn't mean sh*t.

And while you and I may not be sick now, many of us are heading there. Poor lifestyle habits, sitting all day, little exercise, crappy diets, and a ton of stress all add up and they can kill us. Literally.

So it's on you and you alone to find the time to exercise. Here are a few things that I've incorporated into my own busy life and you can use them as you need to carve out that critical time each day.

  1. Find your "why"
  2. Make an appointment with yourself
  3. Realize something is better than nothing
  4. Make it fun
  5. Join a class
  6. Find an accountability partner or group
  7. Always take the stairs
  8. Be efficient with your workouts
  9. Get up earlier
  10. Stop watching TV
  11. Train at lunch
  12. Use your kids
  13. Make it a date

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