Instagram Clones, Instinctive Training & Food For a Better Sex Life


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• Do workouts have to be meticulously planned order to be effective? We get into the joys of "training like a hippie" and how to make progress with it.
• Can you pass the naked nutrition quiz? Find out what to eat to have more fun in the sack.
• Do the cosmetically-enhanced faces we see on social media make us more likely to imitate them? One study says yes. We discuss why women are starting to look alike.
• Is it a good thing to forgive someone immediately? Some psychology researchers are saying no. We discuss the details.
• Is instant decaf coffee REALLY the abomination it's made out to be? Maybe. But there's a brand we actually like.
• And what's the best dark chocolate for health nuts? You're going to want to try this brand we just discovered.
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