The Main Personality Trait of Winners & The Big Fat Inclusivity Hoax


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• Do fitness websites need to show more "relatable" looking bodies? As the CCO of, Chris keeps getting asked why average bodies aren't featured more often. So we get into the details.
• Does having a lower voice make a woman more attractive... or less? Take this relationship/nutrition/psychology quiz and see if you can beat Dani's score!
• What personality trait keeps you from quitting? Navy seals and marines were studied to see what makes people the most resilient. And the results will surprise you.
• What's an easy (and natural) solution for super-anxious dogs? If your vet is recommending Prozac, this might be an alternative to try first.
• And what taco sauce do you need to grab at the store? It's high in cumin and surprisingly low in crappy ingredients.
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