63 - Strategies to Enjoy the Holidays Without Overindulging


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Welcome back as we continue our series on teaching everyone how to get through the holidays in a healthy manner without deprivation. We have the co-founding couple of The Chief Life, Matthias and Stacey Turner! They describe themselves as a focused and driven team bringing the latest in personalized, healthy meal plans, gym/home training programs and apparel. Based in Queensland, Australia this dynamic duo works mainly online allowing them to work with people from all over the world, educating and inspiring people to become their healthiest selves and not simply focus on aesthetics.

Matty and Stacey work with their clients to fully apply themselves, physically and mentally, working to shift negative thought patterns into positive reassuring ones. Like Fitlandia, Matty and Stacey are passionate about helping others work through overcoming mental road blocks and giving themselves permission to reach all their health goals. This is where Mind Zoning® can be so powerful, allowing us to break through old ways and create new thought patterns in order to receive the change we desire.

Stacey says one of her tips for adopting positive thoughts is to name your inner critic. We all know that voice that creeps in telling us we aren’t enough, or haven’t made changes towards our goals leaving us feeling discouraged and crawling back to old habits. She explains that giving that voice a name makes it external and not a part of our being making it easier to hush.

Stacey says, “It’s about having those tools, those mechanisms in place to be able to make a positive step forward when you’re feeling down or being pulled in a direction that’s not favorable to your health and happiness.” Tips to Enjoy the Holiday Season with an Autoimmune Disorder

As well as celiac disease, Stacey recently found out she has an under-active thyroid. She explains when first diagnosed, she initially had a victim mentality, but shifted it to think that she could use this to not only be as healthy as possible, by not eating gluten, but also serve as a reminder to make her health the top priority. She uses this blessing to educate and help others who are suffering from similar disorders and diseases.

Here are a few things to try when the holidays come rolling around:

  • Matty and Stacey look for foods that are still going to be healthy and healing to their bodies that they still enjoy.
  • To create a healthier family dinner, focus on opening the dialogue between your families and bring your own healthy dishes. Maybe they’ll be excited for a gluten free dinner too. This will also help them understand your journey and give you that support we all need year around.
  • If you do indulge in a treat or a cocktail, don’t shame yourself. Simply realize where you’re at, what you’re feeling and how you’re going to get out of the cravings that might follow after.

For more information on Matty and Stacey custom meal plans, podcasts and their apparel line, make sure you check out their website and as they say, “Stop thinking about it, go be about it!”

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