Fitting in Exercise & Cardiac Drift - Episode 1294


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: Episode 1294 - Anna Vocino joins Vinnie this Monday, and the two talk the Fat Doc (5:00), self-publishing, weird leggings and yoga pants (20:00), cardiac drift, dairy products (45:00), fitting in exercise with a busy schedule, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Make sure you check out the new explorer series Pure Vitamin Club Villa Cappelli F Bomb Crowd Cow CARDIAC DRIFT (35:00) Sends enough oxygen to our brains No one explanation for why this happens Occurs for Vinnie when he gets overheated or dehydrated, on long days on bike or hiking His heart rate would stay at 102 for minutes after he was on his bike Don't try to beat this Taking electrolytes helps, but will not eliminate it Don't try to medicate with aspirin Check out the most recent newsletter for more info on this FITTING IN EXERCISE (3:00 & 58:00) It can be difficult to fit in exercise in your every day Vinnie and Anna totally get this They both average upwards of 12hrs a day for just work You can fit in exercise over several hours, for 15 mins at a time if possible If you can only work out for 30 mins at lunch time, that is better than nothing! It was even harder for Anna before her daughter went to college Just gotta commit to getting it done one way or another Stay in Zone 2- makes it even easier Herb wants to know what is a good test of whether or not he is fit enough for something like Mount Whitney It's a walk-up, so you don't need to be able to rock climb Practice walking up and down any elevation you can find with some weight on your back Need to be on your feet, train uphill AND downhill Treadmill is good for uphill Downhill, you really need to find some downhill Vinnie does all of this in Zone 2

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