Keto Crotch (& the Importance of Research) with Dr. Ken Berry - Episode 1291


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: Episode 1291 - Dr. Ken Berry joins Vinnie this Friday, and the two discuss Ken's career, keto crotch, unfounded anti-keto claims, proper research, Type 2 diabetes, blind doctor-patient trust, and more. NSNG community, please help out the man who has already helped so many -- donate here, anything helps. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Coffee Club Pure Vitamin Club Villa Cappelli F Bomb Crowd Cow LET'S HELP KEN BERRY Ken is huge in this community He is having trouble His practice burned down These fires are usually even worse than they look Ken has put out so much free content - we need to support him now Our chance as a community to show our support Please contribute directly to him here Even if you can only donate a tiny amount, it shows Ken there are people who care about him DR. KEN BERRY Dr. Ken has been on the show before Self published his book previously (like Vinnie!), now he is coming out with a new one Support him by pre-ordering his new book here (foreword by Dr. Fettke!) Completely disputes the keto crotch thing If anything, keto diet will help smells down there This is a smear campaign because keto is gaining traction Barilla (pasta company) was involved with this Anti-keto articles have links for 'studies' that don't actually link to another page Makes it seem legit when it actually isn't The internet gives us the option to really look into things It just takes 10 minutes to figure out the root of any story He and his wife make FB live videos Make sure everything he talks about is well-researched! Exogenous ketones are BS Works in midwest TN - small, rural town Millions of Americans have been running around with undiagnosed diabetes If they fast before a check-up, their doctors won't see how sick they are Doctors check the minimum Patients blindly trust them If your doctor won't order a lab you're concerned about, that is a huge red flag

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