Throwback: Losing Inches but Not Pounds- Episode 1302


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: Episode 1302 - This week we look at an old, important show that tackles one of the biggest concerns for many NSNG®ers. What does it mean if you're losing inches not pounds? If you like old shows like this, make sure to buy access to every old show through the website! Check back tomorrow for an Easter show, and next week when we bring you only new shows! Happy Passover to many of our fans listening this Saturday. Fitness Confidential fan Kristi is winning at NSNG but is concerned because she seems to be losing inches but not weight... PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club KRISTI STELLE Found Vinnie on Mark in the Morning with Gina Grad Followed Gina's progress and looked into NSNG Read Vinnie's book, Fitness Confidential, and found it made sense and began NSNG Started just about a month ago Suffered a bad concussion back in April, was told to cut out sugar and caffeine Started eating meat when she started NSNG Loves reading about nutrition but has trouble with convoluting information Wants to lose about 25 lbs LOSING INCHES NOT POUNDS Kristi has lost some girth both in her waist and arms Her seat belts are a little looser Hasn't lost a pound Body has not been used to some of these nutrients due to veganism Her body is likely grabbing at the nutrients it is newly receiving She also definitely feels less hungry in general eating this way She is eating about 400-600 more calories a day, and not gaining weight, but losing inches This is a win!!! Keep on it and lbs will start to come off Be happy with the results you have at first, even if they are not immediately weight loss Feeling better and eating more without gaining weight is a win Vinnie advises Kristi to cut back slightly on the fat, add a bit more proteins and such and the weight will come off While this is a high fat diet, there is still a thing as too much fat Plateauing is also normal

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