Ep. 031 GOALS, Pt. 4: Achieving Your Wildest Dreams


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We made it! This is Part FOUR of the GOALS series, and it’s the most important one: what to do when you achieve your wildest dreams. Find the whole series here: https://soundcloud.com/pahlabfitness/sets/goals/s-hiweZWzREph You think it’s all going to be puppies and rainbows on the other side of this GOAL work, don’t you, Killer B? Well… I mean, there might be puppies and there might be rainbows, but also? There might be more mindset work to be done! Today on the Fitness Matters podcast, we’re chatting about life after achieving your GOAL and I’m sharing how reaching a recent revenue goal made me… ANGRY? Yep! The phenomenon we’re discussing - cognitive dissonance - is the reason why some people gain back all the weight they lost, or run one race and then never again. And if you don’t want that to be YOU, there’s a practical step you can take NOW to ensure your long-term success. TELL ME: What do you WANT to think about yourself when you’ve achieved your goal? RESOURCES MENTIONED: Killer B Workout Programs: http://bit.ly/KBWorkoutPrograms What happens AFTER you lose weight? (Or run a marathon or meet your awesome, epic goal...): https://youtu.be/5VqKcHlctMM How LOSING WEIGHT changes you: https://youtu.be/QbZrHVYxvPM Ep. 026 Learning to TRUST Yourself: https://youtu.be/T8xVlq59BPQ 💛💛💛💛💛 The Fitness Matters Podcast is where we chat about positive habits, fitness mindset, personal development, fitness goals, your healthy journey, self improvement, training and SO much more. Join Pahla B - fitness mindset mentor, health coach and exercise expert - every Sunday for new episodes. Pahla B Fitness 👉 https://pahlabfitness.com/ Fitness Matters Instagram 👉 https://www.instagram.com/fitnessmatterspodcast/ Join The Killer B Hive 👉 https://goo.gl/fqtMXU

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