Ep. 061: Embracing NEGATIVITY


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Do you have negative thoughts that keep you from getting WHAT YOU REALLY WANT? And do those thoughts💭 often feel painful, believable, and seem to have some kind of power over you? Killer Bs, I used to be in your exact shoes👠, but now I’ve learned how to realize the sheer “positivity” of “negativity” (🢤 you read that right!), and I’m actually embracing those negative thoughts and getting the results I want. You can, too👍! The truth is, our crafty brains🧠 can cause all kinds of mental obstacles when it comes to GETTING WHAT WE WANT. Eliminating negativity completely - which initially sounds like a great idea - isn’t realistic or effective🙁. In this week’s episode of the Fitness Matters podcast, we’re chatting about how you can absolutely change your relationship with things you consider to be hurdles. And you can apply this process to FITNESS, WEIGHT LOSS, or anything else you’re dealing with in your life🌹! I explain the three steps to making sure all of our thoughts work FOR US and what happens when we actually embrace🤗 negativity! Join me now and start getting power💪 over your negative thoughts! RESOURCES MENTIONED: Ep. 059: Planning for SUCCESS: https://youtu.be/niF1TLe0v7s Ep. 009: FACTS vs. OPINIONS: https://youtu.be/s47CYL1ba1E Get Your GOAL Coaching + Accountability Group: https://pahlabfitness.com/get-your-goal/ TELL ME: What NEGATIVITY are you going to embrace?

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