Ep. 070: Feeling ANGRY 🎧 The Fitness Matters Podcast with Pahla B


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Buckle up, my friends, because we’re going on a wild ride today - FEELING ANGRY😡 and chatting about other emotions that we think are hard to face. (Super quick warning: it’s NOT the point of the episode, but I do mention GRIEF and death, and if that’s not where you are today, this won’t be the podcast for you.) In today’s particularly personal episode of the Fitness Matters podcast, I’m offering up the real-life example of how I spent 36 hours⏲️ recently, struggling with my FEELINGS. There is so much benefit to sitting🧘 with your feelings, and I’m explaining the “how and why” today and providing tips for incorporating this technique into YOUR OWN LIFE. Join me now to understand and process YOUR tough feelings - anger or any others - in a productive and healthy way🌼. Access this podcast’s transcript here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1X9jPfebkdxyTOgAbhm-mSdSCsmjiwCsIvQw0nuTAvH0/edit?usp=sharing RESOURCES MENTIONED: Ep. 39 - FEELINGS: https://youtu.be/UKIUNABohRY Ep. 68 - Finding Your THOUGHTS: https://youtu.be/79mxPvU1wzw Ep. 32 - How to CHANGE: https://youtu.be/7xGT40vKHq0 Join the Get Your GOAL Coaching + Accountability Facebook group: https://pahlabfitness.com/get-your-goal/

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