Ep. 072 Why WEIGHT LOSS Is HARD The Fitness Matters Podcast With Pahla B


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Do you wanna know why WEIGHT LOSS is hard? I’m spilling the beans🥫 today, and it probably won’t surprise you to hear that YOUR THOUGHTS💭 have something to do with it. In today’s episode of the Fitness Matters podcast, we’re chatting about why weight loss is a particularly interesting MINDSET MATTER and how you can approach your thoughts in a more helpful way. Doing these THREE THINGS (yes, I have a list of practical steps for you today!) can open the door🚪 to changing the way you feel about weight loss, and maybe even other areas of your life, too👍. Plus? I’m sharing a few PRACTICAL EXAMPLES from my past - including stories about playing with LEGOs, organizing a parade, and my not-so-successful Tupperware sales career. Tune in▶️ now to hear all about it😀! Access this podcast’s transcript here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LX7kxqQFsOajXY_5xGhC80zExvLegP4HGK6O33Xc7jE/edit?usp=sharing RESOURCES MENTIONED: Ep. 009: FACTS vs. OPINIONS: https://youtu.be/s47CYL1ba1E Ep. 039: Feelings: https://youtu.be/UKIUNABohRY Join the Get Your GOAL Coaching + Accountability Facebook group: https://pahlabfitness.com/get-your-goal/ Thanks for listening! Be sure to LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE the podcast with your friends! 😀

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