#24 Developing good food habits instead of calorie restriction with Debs & Holly of Nuco Nutrition.


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Today I’m joined by Nuco Nutrition Coaches and Crossfit Trainers, Debs Manlove and Holly Hammill! In this episode, we discuss what Nutrition Coaching is all about, what clients can expect from a session and how Debs and Hols view the process of habit building in their practice.

Thought patterns surrounding our food intake are often ones we need to unlearn later in life and it’s important we use the correct language when talking about our diets and bodies. Because of their collective backgrounds in both psychology and biology, Debs and Hols know to take these things into account when bringing in new clients and actively create safe environments for them through the messages they promote.

If you’re keen to learn more about building sustainable, healthy habits in your fitness and nutrition, then have a listen to Episode 24 of Fitness UnFiltered!

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What is Nutrition Coaching? (2:58)
  • What does your process look like when taking on new clients? (6:00)
  • How do clients that seek instant results respond to your style of coaching? (9:14)
  • What does habit building look like in your training? (11:52)
  • Does it take less effort to break a bad habit than to create a new one? (23:27)
  • How do you approach clients who experience feelings of guilt around food? (26:36)
  • What made you take the steps in setting up Nuco? (46:43)
  • What strategies do you apply to running your business? (51:40)

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Background on Debs and Holly (1:20)
  • The meaning of ‘mindful eating’ & How Nuco clients respond to the concept (12:02)
  • Other examples of habits that are built through Nuco coaching (15:11)
  • How Debs and Hols change the way clients respond to nutrition and food intake (17:29)
  • How habits are an integral part of our lives (20:42)
  • Tools to recognise triggers for negative habits (25:09)
  • How habits fluctuate throughout the coaching process (34:19)
  • How nutrition relates to performance (40:23)

Let’s Connect!

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