33. Simon Rex a.k.a Dirt Nasty || Five (or More) Questions With Tommy Black


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Simon Rex a.k.a Dirt Nasty and Tommy Black discuss:

•Playing a show at the Viper Room this Friday with Mickey Avalon, Andre Legacy, Beardo and Smoov E
•Out playing the Catalyst in Santa Cruz right now with Yung Gravy
•Recording with Mickey Avalon in his spare bedroom and then taking the CD to clubs and handing out to people like Leonardo DiCaprio
•Playing with Whitestarr and Mickey Avalon mid 2000 at The Viper Room Cisco Adler, Orbi (Alex Orbison) and Beardo
•It became an LA sound and vibe on the Sunset Strip
•He wants to play the songs the people want to hear and make the fans happy. He went and saw Radiohead and did not hear one song he knew.
•Playing a show in your home town is more work than when touring. All your friends wanna be on the list.
•His podcast Nervous Rex
•He started at MTV
•The reoccurring theme of helping friends out like LMFAO

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