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What started as a small passion project involving the creation of a new D&D world has grown into a bit of a community and a slightly larger passion project for all of my players and myself included. In May 2022, Flavored Enemy began its second campaign, created by Dungeon Master Jarret Soria and group of friends including Anna "Francis" Caldwell as M, Taylor McLain as Quincey H. Aelius, Phèdre Schlagenhauff as Glissé Faucher, NotoriousGene as Drian, TheZakMonster as Ifren Twinstar, Sunflower Hermit as Jameson Kro'tash, Chesta as Zildijan "Ziggy" Highhat, Zapper as Zala Schion, Mistwonderer as Trover Waslin, jackmack001 as Raphael "Raph" Morgan, Vaal Nailo as Nido, ProfessorBagel as Sepal, IT'S CHUCK O'CLOCK as Ghost, Space Cat as Enoki, archsanity as Antigone "Tig" Florakis and Onesilverkey as Acacia Thistlebright . Catch Flavored Enemy: Tales of Vitore live on Fridays at 8pm Central Standard at https://discord.gg/UmcMa5uF8x

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