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Quick background: I am a former National Women's Gymnastics Team member, received a full-ride scholarship for gymnastics to Stanford University-- obtained a Psychology Degree with an added focus on Health & Development. Former USAG judge, current gym owner & director, and love all things related to athletics & sports! I am also a Certified Life & Weight Loss coach and have worked with athletes for the past 15 years on their miss-managed minds and other athletic concerns. If you want help applying any tools I teach, simply go to: FlippinAwesomeCoaching.com to schedule a free session with me. Enjoy! This podcast provide mental core workouts for athletes. While coaches prepare an athlete physically, I prepare them mentally. So, when a coach says to an athlete, “You are ready”, then the athletes believes 100% they are ready as well. If an athlete says, “I can do this” without truly believing she/he can, then she/he is essentially trying to slam a revolving door. Failure is guaranteed. Instead of a question mark at then end of the phrase “I can do this”, I teach athletes how to add the exclamation point! No athlete should feel negatively affected by their sport. I help athletes who are afraid of failure and who feel out of control before they even set foot into practice. I equip and empower athletes to enjoy more control and satisfaction in their sport and on their journey of unveiling their personal greatness to themselves. Thus, my greatness is to help every athlete find theirs. We take a closer look at the belief systems of athletes and how those thoughts are creating their current results. I believe that every athlete deserves to feel passionate about what they truly want. Need help becoming the super-athlete in your sport? Go to FlippinAwesomeCoaching.com to learn more about my online weekly program for athletes.

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