162: 5 Key Benefits of Real Estate Investing with Geremy Heath


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In this episode Danny is joined by fellow San Antonio investor, Geremy Heath. This is Geremy’s third time on the show (check out episodes 3 and 74!) and once again he did not disappoint. This time he shares with us the 5 key benefits of real estate, more specifically single-family and turnkey properties. Coming all the way from Australia, Geremy has helped to build a community of fellow Aussies investing here in America. He walks us through why he chose to invest in real estate and why he believes the US is a virtual playground for people looking to invest and work toward financial freedom. He also talks a bit about his new book, “10,000 Miles to the American Dream,” written with 8 other experienced investors, each with a unique area of expertise. In this episode he shares what he’s learned about management, and the value of investing in higher quality properties for the long term. This is a great episode for both newbie investors as well as experienced investors looking to create more passive income in their business.

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